If you or your kids ever dreamed of owning a pet snake, tarantula, or opossum, but it was a bit overwhelming (or your parents would not let you!), here is your chance to adopt one of Hidden Valley Nature Centers beloved animals!  Your donation will help feed and care for your chosen animal through out the year!

For as little as $10 to $35 per animal per year, you can make sure your favorite HVNC critter is well taken care of ... and you are encouraged to drop by the Center and visit your chosen animal or animals as often as you would like.  

It's a great holiday or birthday gift idea too!

Thanks to everyone below for "adopting" some of our critters and helping  to pay for their food and housing needs.  We appreciate your support!

Lexi Arsenault
Ryann Arsenault
The Baca Family
Caitlin Fuller
Hannah Gardener
Michelle Murray
Carrieanne Vasburg
The Whitcher Family
The Janoski Family
The Thompson Family
The Magana Family
Miranda Figueroa
Hannah Johnson
Stacie Ballou
Hutcher Thomas